PCB Tester

CCS designed this PCB test system for a client with a tight delivery schedule.  The following were considerations for the project:

  • Test multiple PCBs simultaneously
  • Input serial number from a 2D barcode
  • Small surface test points require pogo pin fixturing
  • Power the PCBs
  • Allow PCB programming via the USB port
  • Test required functionality
  • Keep cycle time short

Using a National Instruments LabVIEW & DAQ solution and 3D printing for the fixture design, we were able to quickly iterate and deliver the system on time.

The system is modular, so fixtures can be swapped out for maintenance or replacement.  The system is expansion ready; with relatively small changes, it can double test capacity for future production increases.  The 3D printed fixtures allow for fast modification and turn times on part delivery.  They emulate the function of expensive bed of nails or in-circuit test (ICT) fixtures at a lower price point.

The software has an easy-to-use UI with color-coded pass/fail indication, results display and logging, as well as report generation.  A low-cost laptop PC runs the software, with all system and peripheral connections made via USB.

We have applied this concept of DAQ-driven test and 3D printed fixtures to other products as well to provide fast, automated verification of product after manufacturing.  Is your project ready for an automated test solution?  Let us help you make testing fast and easy.