Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper joined CCS in 2015.  Previously, he worked for a research facility in Austin, TX for 7 years.  He has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M and University of Texas, respectively.  His specialties include project management and signal processing.

Tommy Cooper, PE

Mr. Cooper is the founder of Cooper Consulting Service (CCS) and has been a consultant to the medical device community for over 25 years.  He received a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Houston in 1974 and a M.S.E.E. degree in 1981.  He has registered as a professional engineer in Texas.  He served as industry co-chairman of the AAMI Blood Pressure Monitoring Committee for twelve years.  He is currently the Chair of the IEEE Houston Consultants Network and serves on the board of the Gulf Coast Medical Device Manufacturers.  He has written articles for publication in professional journals and holds 15 patents in the field of medical devices.

Mr. Cooper has worked in medical instrumentation for over thirty-eight years.  He started his career at Baylor College Medicine, where he worked in the Cardiovascular Engineering Laboratory for five years developing cardiac assist devices.  He worked as a project engineer for five years for several companies where he designed and developed a Portable Medical Status and Treatment System for NASA, a portable a defibrillator-monitor, catheter tipped pressure transducers, a disposable pressure transducer and disposable pressure monitoring kits.  He was director of engineering a Narco BioSystems for 1.5 years before starting CCS.

Steve Macha, PE

Mr. Macha, who joined CCS in 1989, has a BS Physics and a BSEE and is also a registered professional engineer.  He has over 35 years experience in the development of high technology products in medical instrumentation, petroleum exploration and computer products.  He specializes in software and firmware design, though he has a strong hardware and systems background as well.

Mark Hamlin

Mr. Hamlin joined CCS in 1999.  He has a BSEE and has worked in the medical device industry for over 12 years.  He specializes in analog design, mechanical modeling, PCB layout and firmware development.

Ross Cooper

Mr. Cooper joined CCS in 2010. He previously worked at National Instruments for 8 years after getting his BSEE.  He is a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) and specializes in firmware development, UI software, wireless & wired communication, and electronic design and test.

John Kelly

Mr. Kelly is an electronics technician with experience in the assembly and testing of electronic systems.  He previously maintained equipment for the Navy and applies his electronics skills to remote controlled vehicles in his free time.